Olive Thomas, the Flapper 1920 Show

Flapper, The (1920 Movie)

Olive Thomas was a bride at 14 and a Ziegfeld lass at 17 after she won 'The Prettiest Lass in Recent York' beauty contest. She was violet-eyed and drop dead picturesque, one of the most stunning movie stars ever to grace the silver screen. Her picturesque looks resulted in a nude portrait by famed Peruvian artist Alberto Vargas. She became a star of Ziegfeld’s ‘Midnight Frolic’, an after-hours film put on mostly for affluent gentlemen in which she wore nothing conversely balloons that patrons enjoyed popping with their cigars. Before long she was Ziegfeld’s mistress as in good physical shape.

In 1918, still, she made a decision that probably quotes her life. She married the abominable Jack Pickford, Mary’s brother, a man notoriously known around the studios as ‘Mr. Syphilis’, no low-priced. His famous parents had babyish time for Olive, so the union was rocky from the beginning. Indeed it foundered quicker than the Titanic, in spite of this in a last ditch vocation to save it Jack and Olive embarked upon a second honeymoon to Paris in late 1920. They had only just arrived when Olive was immediately diagnosed with her husband’s dreaded disease. She then took suggestions to do something about her condition, key points that had tragic results.


Olive Thomas 

Details of Olive’s sudden death in their honeymoon suite are confused, though it is believed she purchased a bottle of dichloride of mercury in an attempt to cure her diseased body. Other critical reviews propose she drank the deadly contents of the bottle by accident because the label was in French, a language she could not glance at. She downed nearly half the bottle’s contents and was immediately stricken. Poor adolescent Olive died a slow, agonizing death five days succeeding. According to manifold reviews, her husband was out buying drugs when she collapsed. He claimed he was in the hotel room and actually rang the hospital, however few believed him. The coroner ruled the young woman’s death an accident. Pickford survived various bouts of syphilis, on the other hand his alcoholism ruined his wellbeing even more and he was dead at 36. The coroner ruled death to be due to ‘progressive manifold neuritis’, then again it was most likely booze that killed him in the end.

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